Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Rum and Updates

Ok, so obviously I have been gone for a long time. My bad, life gets a little crazy at times. I am now hoping to start this back up and do a monthly review. I am also going to cover more than just rum, but rum will be the main one. If you have a suggestion that you want me to review, just let me know. If it is available in my area, I will acquire it and review away.

But now onto the review:
While at the liqueur store, I happened across this package of Bacardi. It is a limited edition 150th anniversary bottle of their silver rum. The abv is 44.5 % which is about a normal rum. This is also one of the first silver rums I have tried. All in all, the rum is great. Has a bit of a burn, but wonderfully smooth. I of course mixed it with cola, and was amazed how great the mix tasted.

Overall, this rum was fantastic and would recommend it. The price here in Ohio was around $20 for the bottle which is not terribly bad for rum.

The next rum that will be coming up will be Captain Morgan Black.

~Captain Steak

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