Friday, August 12, 2011

Release the Kraken!!!

Tonight, I cracked open my bottle of Kraken Rum. This rum is a black spiced rum that "will put a beast in your belly" as their tagline says. After opening the bottle, I first took in the smell. The first part that hit me was the higher alcohol content. (The Kraken is 94 proof.) After savoring the smell, I then poured about a shot and a half in a cup. Smelled some more to know what I was getting into and then took a sip. The taste was good and the burn was even better. After that sip, I then took another whiff, breathed deeply, and downed the shot. The Kraken burned all the way down and is still burning a bit. Personally, I love rum and cola, so this was the next step. I added about a shot of Kraken to about 12 oz of cola. Kraken and cola is great. The Kraken helps enhance the cola, then towards the end the alcohol hits you.

All in all, The Kraken is a great rum and I would recommend it to any rum enthusiast.
The next question is what should my next rum be?

1 comment:

  1. Very good indeed. I think it's almost like Captain and Soco had a love child or something. Me likey.